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LeanBiome Reviews – (Important Info. Before You Buy!)

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The modern dietary changes, high-stress levels associated with responsible professions, and sedentary lifestyle has made it impossible for the body to maintain its weight.Being overweight or fat is having more body fat than is optimally healthy. Being overweight is especially common where food is plentiful and lifestyles are sedentary. If you are in this condition you’re not alone. Probably your goal is to achieve and maintain a healthier weight.

The good news is that there are modern solutions to help you lose weight. LeanBiome Supplement is a solution with beneficial gut bacteria strains that help boost weight loss, according to the official website.

In the following lines, I will be covering everything you need to know about the LeanBiome supplement as the ingredients, how it works, the pros & cons, and where to buy the original LeanBiome supplement in order to avoid fake products.

LeanBiome– Overview

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Brand Highlights

  • The ingredients are 100% organic and pure.
  • They manufacture LeanBiome in the USA in an FDA-registered facility and follows strict guidelines (GMP).
  • The supplement has no harmful chemical or artificial additives or fillers.
  • LeanBiome is a Science-backed product

Key Ingredients



What Is LeanBiome?

LeanBiome is a natural dietary supplement available on the market by Lean for Good. This dietary supplement has been designed for people above 18 years of age to support weight loss.

The LeanBiome formula is based on the latest Ivy Research and real-world results. It is made using beneficial gut bacteria strains, lean bacteria species, and Phytosome green tea extract.

The LeanBiome weight loss formula is helpful in losing weight accumulated in different parts of your body, thus supporting a completely healthy body. The presence of beneficial bacteria in this formula makes it better than other weight loss supplements on the market as these healthy bacteria (good bacteria) help you lose weight, maintain proper gut health, and support healthy digestion through a healthy digestive system.

This probiotic supplement comes in the form of easy-to-consume capsules whose usage regularly along with a healthy diet helps in maintaining a healthy body fat percentage by activating the process of fat-burning effectively.

Meghan See is the co-creator of LeanBiome, and one of America’s greatest weight loss success stories. After the birth of her daughter and the onset of depression, Meghan ballooned to 420 lbs. With the traditional weight loss solutions failing to work, and with her life on the line, Meghan was forced to take things into her own hands or risk leaving her young daughter all alone. After uncovering this breakthrough Ivy League research, Meghan lost an incredible 240 lbs in just 17 months, and LeanBiome was born.

Meghan’s weight loss story has been featured in local, national, and international media outlets, and she even appeared on the talk show, Red Table Talk, with Jada Pinkett Smith

How Does LeanBiome Supplement Really Work?

Gut microbiota refers to the trillions of microorganisms that inhabit the digestive tract, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These microorganisms play a key and active role in digestion, immune function, and overall health.

In the case of LeanBiome, the supplement contains a blend of probiotics, including lactobacillus gasseri, lactobacillus rhamnosus, and lactobacillus fermentum. These probiotics have been specifically chosen for their ability to support gut health and healthy weight management.

Probiotics work by balancing the gut microbiota and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. They can also help to reduce inflammation in the gut and improve digestion. For example, lactobacillus gasseri has been shown to help reduce body weight and waist circumference in overweight adults. In contrast, lactobacillus rhamnosus has been found to reduce appetite and increase fat burning.

Overall, by supporting healthy gut microbiota, LeanBiome helps to promote healthy digestion, support immune function, and contribute to healthy weight management.

The Science Behind LeanBiome Supplement

LeanBiome supplement is a blend of probiotics and prebiotics, which are proven to support weight loss and overall well-being. The prebiotics feeds beneficial bacteria in our intestines and improves digestive health. Though the manufacturers of LeanBiome claim that their product has been tested in a third-party clinical study, they haven’t mentioned the report, which is suspicious.

The official website features many clinical studies about the LeanBiome ingredients, which prove the efficiency of this supplement. Let’s take a look:

The manufacturers reference an exciting study at King’s College London where researchers analyzed 3,600 sets of twins, one being lean and the other overweight. Researchers discovered that the lean twins’ gut microbiome contained a rich array of ‘lean bacteria’ that helped them reduce hunger, promote body fat loss, and boost metabolism.

LeanBiome contains green tea extract, which was studied in this clinical trial for its therapeutic effect on weight loss. The two weeks of supplementation with high-dose green tea extract caused significant weight loss, decreased waist size, and consistently decreased cholesterol and plasma LDL levels, essentially without any adverse reactions observed in women suffering from central obesity.

In this 2013 clinical trial, researchers examined the effects of Lactobacillus gasseri on overweight and obese people. The subject groups supplemented with Lactobacillus gasser noticed a reduction in body weight at the end of the 12th week of study.

Researchers in a2019 scientific review discussed the effects of probiotics on obesity. They found a study over eight weeks that showed Lactobacillus rhamnosus reduced body weight without lowering energy intake and remarkably reduced white adipose tissue.

Inulin is another potent ingredient of LeanBiome. In arandomized controlled trial, researchers examined the effect of Inulin on weight management and ectopic fat in individuals with prediabetes. Scientists concluded that Inulin might reduce the risk of diabetes by promoting weight loss and reducing intrahepatocellular and intramyocellular (IMCL) lipids.

Overall, the LeanBiome supplement comprises various ingredients that have been shown to promote fat burning. Research on each element is proven to support health and play an essential role in promoting fat loss.

LeanBiome Supplement Ingredients Review

Lean for Good doesn’t hide its elements to ensure its users know what they take as a part of their dietary supplements. The LeanBiome ingredients are mentioned clearly on its product label, which is appreciable.

Whenever you are planning to purchase any dietary supplement, take some time and verify its ingredients. It will help you gain a deep understanding of the supplement and the benefits it has to offer. Be careful with fake and cheap products you can easily find on AmazoneBay, or Walmart. Always take a profound look at the ingredients to be sure it is the original product.

All ingredients are printed on the supplement label and mentioned on the official website. Here is a brief overview of all core ingredients used in the formulation of LeanBiome Formula and Let’s understand how these ingredients can help you lose weight:

Lactobacillus gasseri (10 billion CFU)

Lactobacillus gasseri is a beneficial strain of lactic acid bacteria found in many probiotic supplements. This lean bacteria helps to improve your gut health by helping to dissolve food particles and promote the growth of healthy bacteria colonies. Additionally, it has been shown to reduce inflammation and support digestive functioning.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (5 billion CFU)

Lactobacillus rhamnosus may help you lose weight by increasing the number of calories burned. This microorganism is known to promote thermogenesis, causing the burning of calories instead of being stored as fat. In addition, this lean bacteria has been shown to increase satiety and reduce hunger sensations. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and promote a healthy gut flora environment that can aid in optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

Proprietary Blend (5 billion CFU)

The LeanBiome proprietary blend formula contains several beneficial bacteria strains known to remove harmful bacteria from your gut flora and revive slow metabolism. Here are these strains:

Lactobacillus Fermentum

Lactobacillus Fermentum is a probiotic that has been shown to deal with unwarranted weight gain. Lactobacillus Fermentum helps in reducing food cravings by stimulating the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in mood and appetite control. Additionally, this lean bacteria aids in suppressing hunger hormones like ghrelin and decreases feelings of abdominal discomfort.

Lactobacillus Paracasei

Lactobacillus Paracasei is a type of lactococcus known to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria to improve your weight loss journey. It treats gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, constipation, and stomach infections. L. Paracasei can also help improve the gut barrier function and increase the absorption of nutrients from food consumed.

Lactobacillus Plantarum

Lactobacillus Plantarum is a bacterium found predominantly in the human gut, where it helps to prevent vaginal and skin infections. It has also improved lactose tolerance, benefiting people who suffer from a dairy intolerance or Crohn’s disease.

Bifidobacterium Bifidum

Bifidobacterium Bifidum is a probiotic that can reduce body fat by controlling appetite and promoting healthy gut flora. It reduces the fat stored in the liver and waistline and bad cholesterol levels. Additionally, Bifidobacterium Bifidum helps to regulate blood sugar levels, increase energy levels, and improve gut microbiota.

Bifidobacterium lactis

Bifidobacterium lactis is another probiotic that has been shown to have many health benefits, including reducing the risk of gastrointestinal disorders, boosting the gut bacteria population, and improving overall gut health. Some of the most common conditions improved by Bifidobacterium lactis include constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), food allergies/ sensitivities, and celiac disease symptoms such as bloating and abdominal pain.

Bifidobacterium Longum

Bifidobacterium Longum is a probiotic that is beneficial for gut flora. It was first isolated from human feces of breastfed infants in 1899, and its ability to colonize the intestines makes it an ideal candidate for use as a probiotic supplement. The gut microbiota has emerged as a critical factor in the development of obesity, with the gut making 50% of our dopamine, 90% serotonin, and 70% of our immune cells.

Bifidobacterium Breve

Bifidobacterium Breve is a beneficial bacteria that have been shown to promote intestinal health. This microorganism is resistant to many antibiotics, so it can help treat conditions like urinary tract infections (UTIs), constipation, and diarrhea. In addition, Bifidobacteria has been found to improve the absorption of other nutrients by the human body and may help regulate inflammation and ensure improved digestion.

Inulin (from chicory root) 200 mg

Inulin is a type of fiber that has been touted for its ability to help you lose weight, due to increased inulin consumption can be effective for weight loss is that this fiber can reduce hunger hormone levels and increase the sense of fullness. The makers of LeanBiome supplement add 200mg of Inulin from chicory root.

It is an oligosaccharide, which means it comprises smaller molecules than other types of fibers. These small molecules are resistant to digestion and absorption, which helps increase the feeling of fullness after eating. This property makes Inulin a great choice if you’re looking to lose weight because it causes you to eat fewer calories overall.

Additionally, Inulin can stimulate your digestive system and promote regular elimination. It also encourages the growth of good bacteria in your gut, which may help with fat burning and other health concerns like bloating or constipation.

Greenselect Phytosome (Green tea extract) 300 mg

The LeanBiome contains Greenselect Phytosome, a caffeine-free green tea extract made with Phytosome technology. It works by increasing the rate at which your body burns calories, leading to a more significant overall calorie burn.

Additionally, green tea extract can affect the release of stored fat from your adipose tissue and reduce appetite cravings. This is because Green Tea extract contains catechins, antioxidants shown to promote healthy weight loss in humans and animals.

Safety & Side Effects

LeanBiome claims to carry no risk and is safe for everyone. As it is made with natural ingredients, with no addition of allergens, additives, GMOs, and fillers, the chances of it causing problems are very less. Go through the ingredients first if you happen to have an allergy to natural products. Do not use this product if you suspect any ingredient.  

 The company has provided clear guidelines on usage and expects everyone to follow them. Going against the guidelines, experimenting, or changing the dosage will not help. Be safe, and follow the directions for improving your health using LeanBiome supplement. 

While using LeanBiome, a few things must be kept in mind:

  • Do not use the supplement if you are pregnant or lactating.
  • Keep the LeanBiome bottle out of reach of children.
  • Discontinue usage if irritation occurs.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose.

How Long Will It Take To See The Result?

Of course, everyone is different, and will be starting out at different weights. Therefore, some people will inevitably lose more weight than others, and achieve it faster. To give you an idea of what to expect, consider the evidence: in a double-blind, placebo-controlled and randomized study (the gold-standard of clinical trials) those taking Lactobacillus Gasseri lost a whopping 8.5% of belly fat in just 12 weeks.

Even for the average American woman weighing 170 lbs, that’s a loss of 15 lbs of belly fat in just three months – doing nothing else. A separate trial group taking Lactobacillus Rhamnosus lost an average of 9.7 lbs of fat in 12 weeks. And in another clinical trial, Lactobacillus Fermentum produced a 3% drop in body fat in just 43 days, compared to just 1% for the placebo group. That’s triple the fat loss in only six weeks! And that’s just three of the nine lean bacteria strains inside LeanBiome. Added to that, Greenselect Phytosome helped participants drop an incredible 30 lbs of weight in only 12 weeks alongside a calorie-controlled diet, compared to just 11 lbs for the diet-only group.

That’s almost three times as much weight loss for the Greenselect group. So just imagine the results if you combine all these proven lean bacteria strains with Greenselect Phytosome. Well, that’s what has been done with LeanBiome.

Benefits of Using LeanBiome Supplement

LeanBiome is a natural dietary supplement with many potential benefits for supporting healthy weight loss. Some of the key benefits of LeanBiome include:

1.Supports a Healthy Gut Microbiome – The probiotic strains in LeanBiome, including Lactobacillus Gasseri, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, and Lactobacillus Fermentum, can help promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, which is important for digestion, immune function, and overall health.

2.Boosts Metabolism – Green Tea Extract is included in the supplement, which contains caffeine and catechins that can increase fat burning and boost metabolism, leading to weight loss.

3.Reduces Inflammation – The probiotic strains in LeanBiome have been observed to cause inflammation in the gut, leading to a healthier overall immune system and reduced risk of chronic diseases.

4.Promotes Digestive Health – Inulin, a prebiotic fiber, is included in LeanBiome, which can help promote digestive health and regularity and support healthy blood sugar levels.

5.Reduces Body Weight – The natural ingredients in LeanBiome, such as Green Tea Extract, have been clinically studied and shown to support healthy weight loss.

6.Reduces BMI – The probiotic strains in LeanBiome have been shown to reduce BMI, which indicates body fat percentage.

7.Reduces Waist Circumference – The probiotic strains in LeanBiome have been shown to reduce waist circumference, which is an indicator of abdominal fat.

8.Increases Lean Body Mass – Some studies have suggested that probiotics may help increase lean body mass, improving body composition.

9.Reduces Hunger and Appetite – The probiotic strains in LeanBiome have been shown to reduce hunger and appetite, which can help reduce calorie intake and support weight loss efforts.

10.Safe and Natural – LeanBiome is made with natural ingredients and is free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. It works well for vegetarians and vegans and has no known side effects when taken as directed.

LeanBiome is a natural dietary supplement with many potential benefits for those looking to support healthy weight loss. It contains a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and natural ingredients that can help support a healthy gut microbiome, boost metabolism, reduce inflammation, and promote digestive health. Additionally, it has been clinically studied and shown to support healthy weight loss, reduce BMI and waist circumference, increase lean body mass, and reduce hunger and appetite.

Where to Buy LeanBiome (How To Avoid The Scam)

Unfortunately, many customers are getting scammed when they order the LeanBiome because they are not using the official website to buy the supplement. Many people bought LeanBiome on Amazon because is cheaper, and they are getting fake bottles.

I do not recommend buying LeanBiome on Amazon, Walmart, or eBay because all of them are fake with completely different ingredients, which can be very dangerous for you. These products are also marked as non-returnable so customers can not ask for a refund.

If you are interested in buying this solution I only recommend that you use the official website to place your order.

Below you can read some of the reviews of people that got scammed because they ordered this supplement on Amazon.

LeanBiome Customers Reviews (Does It Really Work?)

Optimizing the body weight can be an extremely difficult task to accomplish, mainly because it requires constant struggle in terms of diet and exercise. Moreover, it is never an overnight process and may even require months or years of strong willpower to make a difference. The irony is, even after going through this difficult, long journey, only a handful of people are successfully able to lose weight. For all such people, LeanBiome can be a new ray of hope.

How to Take LeanBiome

LeanBiome comes in an easy-to-swallow capsule. The company recommends taking two pills each morning before breakfast with water. It improves digestive health and the immune system to promote fat loss.

LeanBiome Price (Special Offer)

At this moment you can order the original LeanBiome for 75% OFF. This is a limited-time offer and it won’t be available for long. Click here to check if the discount is still available.

How many bottles should I order?

To help you achieve visible and truly life-changing results (and save more money), the company created a special bundle plan consisting of 3-month and 6-month packages to go alongside the one-month starter option. That’s because clinical studies of our key lean bacteria strains – Lactobacillus Gasseri, Rhamnosus and Fermentum – together with Greenselect Phytosome show the longer you take LeanBiome, the more effective it becomes, and the more weight you lose. That’s why I personally recommend stocking up on the 3-month or 6-month option while this special offer is running. This will not only save you money but ensure there’s no break in your progress so that you can enjoy the best possible fat loss results for the long term. Plus, LeanBiome has a 2-year shelf life, so there’s no risk in stocking up now.

Bonuses Included When You Order LeanBiome

The free bonus product offered upon purchasing the three-month and six-month supply package of LeanBiome from its official website is an eBook named 21 Gut-Friendly Smoothies For Faster Fat Loss. This is an eBook specially created for use alongside LeanBiome capsules.

The 21 smoothie recipes in this eBook can be prepared using simple ingredients from your kitchen in just a few minutes and can be consumed as breakfast or afternoon snacks. Upon consuming these healthy and tasty smoothies along with LeanBiome capsules and a healthy diet, you will experience accelerated gut flora and good bacteria working.

These Lean for Good smoothies would help you lose weight, reduce belly fat and burn stubborn body fat, maintain gut health, strengthen your immune system, reduce unhealthy food cravings, improve mental health, and boost the weight loss process.

Free Shipping on 6 or more bottles of LeanBiome

Orders of 6 or more bottles of LeanBiome placed within the U.S. enjoy free shipping. However, orders placed outside the U.S. are subject to shipping fees. Customs fees and/or taxes must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. The company has no control over these charges, and they are unable to tell you what the cost will be, as customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country. I recommend checking with your local customs department for current charges before you order, so you are not surprised by the charges you were not expecting.

Refund Policy (180-Day “Empty Bottle” Money-Back Guarantee)

Every bottle of LeanBiome comes with an ironclad 180-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t fully satisfied with the results, you can just return what you haven’t used for a full, no question asked refund.

Short steps you must follow to get a refund

  1. Make sure you are still in the 180-day period that follows the day the order has been shipped to you. You can find the date on the package or in your inbox.
  2. Fill in the Return and Refund Form you received with your order.
  3. Send the supplement bottles and the Return and Refund Form back to them at: Lean for Good, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge, OHIO 44278.
  4. Be patient, they will process your refund in no time after they get your package, and, rest assured, they send you an email to let you know it has been done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is LeanBiome Approved By The FDA?

A: The FDA is not authorized to review any dietary supplements. LeanBiome is made in a facility that is FDA-accredited and tests the products regularly for safety and quality.

Q: Do I have to take this product forever?

A: Certainly not. 1, 3, or 6 bottles, depending on the severity of your condition, are enough to see and enjoy results well into old age. Since we cannot estimate how affected your body is, we strongly recommend the 6-bottle package just to make sure you get the full benefits of our formula for as long as possible.

Q: Can I buy LeanBiome in stores or on other websites?

A: LeanBiome has been so successful that many have tried to copy it and sell it on other websites. But please be advised as those websites might not be legit and the product you buy might not be the product you seek. LeanBiome can be found only on the official website and it is not available for purchase anywhere else.


LeanBiome is not a scam. Most of the LeanBiome reviews are positive. It does help you to Become Naturally Lean. But the results may vary.

The manufacturers reveal everything behind making the supplement, unlike certain secret ingredient supplements in the market. The company is also transparent in revealing the ingredients as well. To ensure reliability and value for customers, they also provide a money-back guarantee. So, LeanBiome can be considered trustworthy. 

I strongly recommend you buy only from the official website and avoid retailers on Amazon because they are not offering a 180-day money-back guarantee.

The formula uses only pure, natural ingredients. No dangerous or illegal substances. Because the ingredients are natural and safe, you won’t have to put up with nasty side effects that affect your quality of life. The product is also non-GMO and has been developed in an FDA-certified facility.f

Thank you for reading this review, I hope that it made things clear about how this natural supplement works and if it can help you with your condition or not. Feel free to add a comment if you already used this supplement or if you know some others that you need a detailed review about, we can make a separate post for it and help as many people as we can.

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